Product Design

UI/UX + Website Development

Since 1950, ACME Cosmetic Components has been stamping quality metal components for the cosmetic industry. I was brought on board to create a unified system of their inventory all while being streamlined within one website. Because of how their business operates, they wouldn't technically be taking transactions through the client-facing end of the website alone. Regardless, the site needed to be built upon a e-commerce CMS system since their end goal was to house their inventory in one place and have the ability to create custom invoices and transactions through the backend. 

Spreadsheet Formatting

The most complex part of the process would be converting their inventory spreadsheet into one that would be able to be imported in one click. This proved to be no easy feat. By researching Excel hacks I was able to turn days worth of manual labor into a mere few hours.

User Interface & Experience

Multi-Language + Information Architecture

Now that our inventory was properly formatted and in place, it was time to work on the website design while integrating in the special functionality features requested on behalf of the client. Their previous website did not house their inventory of products, so with that came a new architecture to the navigational menu. By simplifying this menu by categories, the result would provide the end user with a list of collections for one to begin their search. The site also needed to have the ability to be translated into any language due to its international presence and consumer base.


Filter + Metrics

Throughout their 1200+ products, and due to their international clientele, each product needed to have the ability to be toggled between metric and imperial measurements. There also needed to be a smart filtering system so the end user could narrow down their results for ease of use.


The Result

By creating one streamlined system, the client was able to consolidate their resources decreasing overhead charges by the $10's of thousands on an annual basis, all with a front facing view of a responsive website.